Placement of Product

Placement of Product

Most of what you are and have accomplished in life is due to where you are rather than who you are.

Most of where you are is because of where you were before that.

Most of = virtually all of.

We believe that we live in a meritocracy. A world that rewards individual drive and brilliance. And conversely, punishes individual slothfulness and stupidity.

And it's difficult to suppose otherwise, especially if you believe you are where you are because of your individual efforts despite any adversity you may have faced along the way.

But, you are the product of placement. Lucky, or unlucky placement.

You are not really responsible for everything that got you to where you are now, whether you are Jeff Bezos or some young lad in the juvy.

It's hard to stomach but true if you really analyse everything in your life. You didn't choose your parents, you didn't choose where to grow up or go to school, you didn't really choose your friends or your peer group, certainly not in those formative wonder years.

Everything since your conception, has shaped how you respond to the things that are around you. And mostly, those things that are around you are not of your doing.

Everything you think you are is because of other things. This is privilege.... or not.