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We Just Don’t Trust You.

We Just Don’t Trust You. You don’t have to look far for examples of the mistrust that fuels the ‘them and us’ culture in construction. “But we meant well”, doesn’t cut it anymore. We should take responsibility for crap we have come up with, apologise, stop it and move on. Here’s an example – The […]

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Do this one thing.

What if we could make repetitive tasks fulfilling and purposeful? Wouldn’t it be great if our work could nurture us, improve our health and benefit our communities? The person that has most control over the immediate work environment is you. You are the main influencer in your environment. Without you, it would not be the […]

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The evolution of work.

Work is increasingly something that we define ourselves by. What we do acts as a façade and the office is often a place to be someone different. We like to keep our work separate from our private life, separate places and friends, a different persona. Let’s be clear; your work or your career the stuff […]

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