You might not believe this…

You might not believe this...

"The point I interface with the environment fundamentally determines my behaviour" - Rory Sutherland

... you might disagree with this, but it is, none the less quite true. Very true in fact.

"I" is you, you are unique. The you that is reading this is a product of not only your genes, but also all the experiences you have experienced, since you became.

The "I" that is you, is not separate from the environment around you, even although it does feel that way. This is an illusion of the ego.

The "environment" is everything you can see, hear, smell, sense around you just now, including these words and the voice you are reading them with.

The point where the "I" - the you, with all your history, joins with the "environment" - the now, the present, leads / "determines" your action "behaviour".

As long as you are alive, there is always a behaviour. Every behaviour is inextricably linked to the environment, prompted by, supported by, in response to, the environment.

Your behaviour is determined based on your past history that is now clashing with the present. This leads to interpretation in the form of action.