How much does your experience matter?

How much does your experience matter?

Your personal account of how the world works isn't good enough to describe how the world works.

Your journey so far, on this planet has given you (and me) a biased view of how things are, what causes them and what to believe in.

Your own experience is not objective enough to inform you about what is and what is not.

A data point of one out of 7.8billion is, most likely, not representative, reliable or trustworthy.

But it feels so strong doesn't it. It's all most of us know.

There are a group of people who make it there job to objectively study the world, study how things are. Go out of their way to prove themselves wrong, and when they can't, they share their results.

It's not infallible and new findings often arise, but if the experiment, studies and research are replicable and credible, it is not for you, or I to agree or disagree with the findings. Unless that is, we have ourselves carried out a replicable, reliable and credible experiment ourselves.

You can of course have an opinion, anyone can have an opinion but you can neither agree or disagree with with the results of the aforementioned.