Making safer, happier, less wasteful workplaces through behavioural insights.

 We work with companies that genuinely care.

 We use behavioral insights to improve organisations.

 We help organisations design & activate products to solve problems.


For the brave leader who knows nurturing environments build strong culture. A behaviour design collaborative creating and delivering tools to make work better for humans.

There’s a gap between academia and real-life that we’ve been bridging since 2013 with learning experiences, products and tools aimed at simplifying behavioural science for real people and progressive organisations.

We build on the latest scientific research to design bespoke environments for driving the behaviour you need. Our core team specialise in research, behaviour design, behaviour change and collaboration, all rooted in discoveries from the latest behavioural science thinking.

A network of specialist and academic collaborators allow us to work across a broad spectrum of sectors and bring cross discipline insights to our partners.

We deliver programmes that can help improve your organisation.


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Upcoming Events

Behavioural Science for Assurance taster session.

October 2019

We're running a behavioural science for assurance workshop in November. So that you can see what it is all about, we will be holding an open taster session on October 9th. for more details, please get in touch.  

Behavioural Science for Security

September 2019

We’ve teamed up with Advanced Engagement to bring behavioural analysis to Security. For more details, click below. 

What people say about us


Working with Sodak changed the way I now think and approach issues at work and in my life.

Sodak have opened my eyes to looking at things more scientifically, to be more measured in my approach.

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the programme, particularly to the Sodak team - potentially a life changing experience.