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Here you can find a number of things that will give you a flavour of what we produce for our clients. From video's to conversation cards. Interactive briefings to £6m identified savings.  Some of the things we produce can be purchased directly from us, some are specifically designed for our clients. If you like what you see let us know and we can start a conversation with you. 

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Interactive Briefings

Let's face it, a lot of briefings out there are boring. Powerpoint might have been good to get ideas across in the 90's but lots of words on a screen and what seems like an endless number of slides isn't the best way to hold an audience or get  your point across. We can redesign your inductions, briefings or workshops. We can help make them more interactive, engaging and effective. It's important to speak to people, not down to them. It's a chance to build a relationship and show that you genuinely to care. Make it count.

Behaviour Design Toolkits

We have a number of behaviour design toolkits. The toolkit is an interactive exploration and facilitation process that uses principles from behavioural science and nudge theory to help you analyse why a behaviour happened and what you can do to make what you want more likely. The process provides you with both an analysis and a design.

We have toolkits for -

  • Incident Analysis and Health & Safety
  • Assurance and Verification
  • Security, cyber and physical

The toolkits form part of our 2 day workshop programme but can also be purchased separately.

At-Risk Measure

The At-Risk Reduced-Risk Measure is a behavioural observation process with a difference. The idea is to observe the experiment that is unfolding before you by gathering data on the behaviours your environment is supporting. For the most, the process is non-obtrusive and minimal detail is noted other than compliance or non-compliance to an expectation that has been set.

This measure provides you with data indicating what percentage of At-Risk and Reduced-Risk the environment you have created is supporting.

Change the environment and see the results change.

This measure is best used in conjunction with the 100 Conversations to Reduce Risk cards

Conversation Cards

Language is a technology that can lead to untold achievements. However, it's sometimes a lot harder to get good conversations to happen, especially ones that stay on topic. Using the principles of behavioural science our cards are designed to help create an environment that promotes meaningful discussion by introducing topical antecedents. We have created conversation cards for a number of topics including -
  • Reducing Risk
  • Improving team performance
  • Reflective wellbeing
Start the conversation.

Videos and Animations

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so how many words does video or an animation paint at roughly 27 frames per second. 

Have a look at some videos and animations we have put together for clients or even sometimes just our own amusement. 

Blog, Vlog and Audio

We have lots to say and sometime we write about it or even do a piece to camera. We've also started to serialise our books as audio downloads Click the links below to access more.

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