Our actions, the way we do things

Our actions, the way we do things and what we say, calibrates to the environment around us.

We are forever changing, we are become different people as we move through different environments.


There is a strong desire to believe we are individual, that we are a constant self with consistent traits, reactions, values and morals.


We are not this constant, untouchable, consistent, rigid, inflexible isolated individual.

Everything we are, everything we do is only possible because of what is around us.

Other things, make us who we are. Our properties are defined by our relationship with/to the things that are around us.

When those things around us change, so do we.

It doesn't feel that way, because we only see it one way and our experiencing self gives us the illusion of continual self, knitted together through memory, a memory that is there to help us predict what's coming next, not to view reality objectively.

This mistaken view of people leads us to blame people for who they are, rather than look at the circumstances they are in.

This mistaken view of people leads us to re-train, re-brief and discipline people rather than help them by rearranging the situation that they are responding to.