Do this one thing.

Do this one thing.

What if we could make repetitive tasks fulfilling and purposeful? Wouldn’t it be great if our work could nurture us, improve our health and benefit our communities?

The person that has most control over the immediate work environment is you.

You are the main influencer in your environment. Without you, it would not be the way it is.

It is easy to think that someone else is in charge or to blame for the way your work environment looks.

Actually, you are as responsible as anyone else.

If your work is a great place to be, full of positive reinforcement, you are a massive part of that. The opposite is true too of course; if your work is full of punishment and pain, well, that’s you too.

Do this one thing.

  1. Take control of your environment.


We each have a choice, we can get up every day and do the same thing as we did yesterday, or we can break our routines, take control and live our best life. We can do this and still get shit done, we can create places of work that are great places to be.

Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello says in the opening lines of the film, The Departed, “I don’t want to be a product of the environment, I want the environment to be a product of me.” That is what I am talking about.

We thrive on positive reinforcement, it’s why we play sport and love music. How might we redesign our work to get as much positive reinforcement as we do from our hobbies? Where can you build in some positive reinforcement?

We can use behavioural science to take responsibility for our environment. We can take control.