Once you know, there is no going back, only denial…

Once you know, there is no going back, only denial...

As a leader who has learned about human behaviour you know that…

The behaviour of an individual is a product of the environment they are in at the time the behaviour occurs.

Their interpretation of the environment (that led to their behaviour) was a result of their past experience and the feedback they have received.

In order to get an alternative, consistent behaviour from that person, they need a new history of experience, generated through feedback and reinforcement for the desired behaviour from someone they have a relationship with.

The organisation you lead, provides those who work there, their experience that informs them of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

The behaviours you see or hear about are perfectly designed to happen because of the past history and experience your employees have, which is provided by the interactions (behaviours) that occur today, from the leaders, including you.

In order for there to be different behaviours, there has to be changes in the local environments in which your people work.

The first local environment you have to change, is the one you have most influence over. Usually, your direct reports.

Your direct reports behaviours are massively shaped by what you say and do, (your behaviours).

As a leader, you understand that your behaviour is responsible for that of others.

You understand that your behaviour too is driven by the environment you are in, at the time of the behaviour.

As a leader you have to plan your actions with the output in mind, you have to respond mindfully not reactively, you have behave purposefully but above all, you have to create an environment for yourself that supports these behaviours.