Who we are

Bob Cummins

Bob started this.

Bob’s passionate about behavioural science and founded Sodak to challenge old group think and make the world a better place.

Steve Earl

Collaboration & Prototyping.

Dr Steve Earl loves designing and prototyping tools for a collaborative and engaging society.

Paul Lambie Creative

Paul Lambie

Creativity & Design

Paul is a behavioural science geek, designer and tinkerer who creates tools, products and experiences that support new behaviours.


Shauna Macdonald

Nurture Team

Shauna helps run our courses and as part of our Nurture Team works behind the scenes to keep the plates spinning.

Cal headshot

Cal Macininch

Nurture Team

Cal rides motorbikes and knows how to use a sword. He’s also part of our Nurture team.

Sarah Nudge Team

Sarah Fairbrother

Nurture Team

Sarah works in our Nurture Team making it more likely that students engage with and get the most from their coursework.

Colin Happer

Field Agent

Behavioural science and safety, oil painting, app development, ethics and morality. Colin is a renaissance man for the 21st century.

Allison Reynolds

Allison Reynolds

Course tutor

Behavioural science expert and lead writer on the Make It More Likely blog.

Claire Scott

Public Relations

Claire makes sure all of the good stuff we’re doing gets out there so you can find out about it.