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True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes. Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist

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BOB CUMMINS, Director of Sodak Limited and Principal Behavioural Analyst.

Bob Cummins is the founder and Director of Sodak Limited, whose goal is to challenge and improve much of the current entrenched thinking about performance management.

Bob is a graduate of Portsmouth University, an Advisor to the Cambridge Center for Behavioural Studies in the USA and an advisor to CECA Scotland for behavioural science and utility avoidance.

Bob has been studying and applied behavioural science since 2005. He has successfully used the science to dramatically improve the business performance of a number of companies.

Bob can be contacted at Bob@sodak.co.uk

Paul HEad

PAUL LAMBIE, Head of Creativity and Design.

Paul recently joined SODAK to help expand our operations and build more cool products. Paul has spent the majority of his working career creating environments to drive specific behaviours of TV and Film actors.

Paul is a master at seeing things differently and creating the right stimuli to drive continuity and consistent behaviours.

Paul can be contacted at Paul@sodak.co.uk

Steve Earl

STEVE EARL, Head of Prototyping and Collaboration

Dr Steve Earl  loves designing and prototyping ways that we can create a collaborative and engaging society. He practiced this at a professional level through RenewNet, a technical collaboration project in the renewable energy sector. This evolved into practicing these skills through community projects. Steve has created opportunities for people to explore their capabilities. These include; “Project Sweden” a creatively fun masterpiece where people recreated 7 different movies in a day. He runs a science education spin off called “NonFictionScience”, which aims to use creativity to educate students through remaking movies with bad science, with good science! Steve is also a co-founder of “Cities that Listen” that creates spaces and environments for people to share the values they would like to see in a city and work together to make it happen.


COLIN HAPPER, Behavioural Field Coach

Colin Happer is a highly-motivated Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner who is experienced in the application of behavioural management techniques on large infrastructure construction projects. Colin is also an Engineer with over 30 years of wide ranging construction, gas industry, engineering and utility sector experience.  He possesses the domain knowledge and experience in managing risks associated with highly hazardous environments, including those associated with the storage and use of flammable gases, chemicals, dangerous substances, hazardous materials, explosive atmospheres and moving plant/machinery.

Allison Reynolds

ALLISON REYNOLDS, Behavioural Change Expert

Allison Reynolds is an independent consultant who works to deliver business improvements through behaviour-based training and coaching to a wide cross-section of UK employers.  Allison uses a two-step approach of identifying the critical changes required to drive the targeted results, and then adapting the work environment to prompt and reinforce the changes.

DANIELLE TRUDEAU, Director of Sodak Limited and Applied Behavioural Analysis consultant.

Danielle Trudeau, BSc, PGDip, is the founder of Interplay, an Applied Behavioural Analysis consulting company which provides individualised programmes for children with autistic spectrum condition. Danielle has worked in America and throughout Scotland and England in partnership with the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Danielle has been in the field of behavioural science for the past 13 years and has studied autism, education and movement, with a focus on communication. Danielle has a particular interest in coaching and taking a person centred approach to leadership and training.

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ANNE CUMMINS, Head of Finance

Anne Cummins, BSc PGCE,  has a back ground in Nursing and Podiatry and worked for the NHS for a number of years, latterly heading up  a team of podiatrists in an NHS trust. Anne has also been involved in many charities and voluntary bodies such as Youth groups,  The Alzheimer’s Association, The Lions, CAB and is now Chair of the ‘Friends’ of the local cottage hospital. While working for the NHS,

Anne had the responsibility for setting the strategy and budget for her department and also  undertook the education of people with diabetes in order that they might successfully manage their illness. She also lectured doctors and nurses on the care and management of the diabetic foot. Anne’s areas of expertise include strategic leadership, budgetary control, efficiency modelling and patient care.


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