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I was impressed by the fresh perspective that Bob presented and the potential to impact on our performance through Behavioural Science. Martin Mathers, Director Ross-Shire Engineering


At SODAK we encourage people to see things differently. Coaching and mentoring allows people to explore ideas in a safe environment. We have experience in coaching and mentoring leaders, managers and supervisors, enabling them to create their environment rather than fall victim of it. Our coaching questions the status quo and encourages an approach designed to build high performing teams focused on improving performance either in a desired area or in the wider workplace. Efficient and effective behaviours lead to improvement in all areas.

Thinking: Support

We are often asked if we can provide support to committees, leadership teams and expert panels. We really enjoy helping to advise experts in their field with our knowledge and examples of applied behavioural science. We often attend working groups but can also provide support remotely.

Thinking: Certainty

Our Improved Certainty course is increasingly popular with more and more companies coming to us to learn behavioural science. Participants learn how to identify the obstacles that can prevent the successful delivery of a project and are then equipped to challenge and overcome these obstacles. Aimed at Management and Senior Management The Improved Certainty course improves leadership, group and individual performance. Students who learn and become fluent in these proven techniques can purposefully design their environments to make it more likely that they achieve the results they want.

Thinking: Leadership

We have run a number of successful leadership packages, sometimes these are linked to our Improved Certainty course or our strategy workshops and sometimes they are stand alone. Whatever the focus of leadership, having an understanding of applied behavioural science can massively improve results through deliberate behaviours.

Thinking: Supervisors

The Supervisors and team leader’s course Basics of Behaviour takes key front line operators through an introduction to behavioural science outlining the approaches of the discipline. Students then take their learning to the Park and are asked to carry out working exercises with their team designed to provoke discussions on planning, risk and corrective action. Basics of Behaviour is best carried out in conjunction with the Improved Certainty course. This creates the opportunity for a powerful collaboration between managers and supervisors and exponentially increases the likelihood that progressive change will happen. At SODAK we have coached a number of supervisor groups and individuals with outstanding results.