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We specialise in applying behavioural science to your people and your business.

The application of behavioural science takes effort but the pay-offs for a properly supported programme are massive. We will only work with you if we believe that you genuinely want to imporve and will genuinely support the application of our evidence based improvement methods.

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We help people understand what really drives human behaviour and encourage them to break out of the current paradigms surrounding performance management.

We help our clients experience the application of evidence based improvement methods. We help employees remove obstacles that are hindering work or adding bureaucracy. We help leaders understand why their employees perhaps, sometimes, don’t do what they want them to do and what they can do about it.

We help leaders, managers and supervisors explore ways in which they can create the conditions to support the behaviours required to deliver their desired results.

Through the application of our techniques organisations can create a nurturing culture and remove coercion.

SODAK offer bespoke solutions as unique and as individual as your business.

We’re excited about finding out what’s right for you.

Interesting stuff eh?!

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I was impressed by the fresh perspective that Bob presented and the potential to impact on our performance through Behavioural Science. Martin Mathers, Director Ross-Shire Engineering