What we do

You see the problem with my industry is that it’s unique. It has a set of quirky problems that you won’t find anywhere else.

Says everybody always.

Our core team blends academics and experts across some very different sectors drawing on a broad spectrum of experience. We’ve looked at the problems that affect work and we’ve noticed something  quite interesting. People are the problem. Not that guy over there or the woman behind you. It’s never an individual. The problem is in the way we treat people.

That’s all good, you are a special snowflake. Nobody is exactly like you. What’s also true is that every sector we’ve worked with says a neat version of this same line. And without any exaggeration they’re almost always talking about the same problems.


…and being too busy.

We can help you understand why you’re getting the behaviours you’re getting. We can tell you whether your new procedure is going to work and what to do about it if it doesn’t.

It’s just about understanding how we work.

That should mean that we (the Sodak team) never mess up relationships or cause any behavioural problems right? Wrong.

Everybody messes up. We have a hundred thousand years of psychological evolution that steers us to behave in a very peculiar way. Of all the animals, we live farthest from the life we’re designed for. Our species has evolved very quickly and changed dramatically moving from small, tight knit family communities over a small geographical territory into the modern global social sprawl we exist in now.

Chimpanzees max out in groups of about 120 and have done since the beginning of chimpanzees.

Enormous societies are just one of the ways we’re a little bit uniqueier than other mammals.

We’ve evolved for instant gratification and extreme self preservation yet vending machines and supermarkets have removed the need to gorge on any sweet, bulging, beehive we might stumble across and there’s damn near no chance you’re running into a sabre tooth tiger. Or any tiger for that matter. It’s also quite unlikely that a waring band of your neighbours might try to muscle in on your barbecue.

Though it may not always feel like it, the world has never been safer. It’s very unlikely that you’ll starve or die at the hands of another human but try telling that to a hundred millennia of evolution. It’s hard enough convincing your mum.

Snickers bars tap right into the caveman fear of never seeing calories again and the incredulity at the idiotic behaviour of your colleague is hardwired to your self preserving distrust of other people. Can’t live with them can’t live without them doesn’t cut it and if we’re to succeed in the time of self driving cars and global communication we need to learn to bypass our evolution, hack our brains and upgrade our thinking to suit the world we’ve built.

It’s not easy to change behaviour. Evolution’s a difficult habit to kick.

Our team’s been working on this for a good long while and we have some pretty cool ideas about how you can beat evolution.

It’s almost all about the environment you move in. The people and places that you’re wrapped up in.