What we do

We only work with companies who genuinely want to improve their business performance for the better. Using the principles of behavioural science we help  to improve the efficiency and delivery of businesses through the behaviours (actions) of  leaders, managers and staff.

What problem do we solve?

We target people, its people that deliver business results not processes. Writing or introducing a new procedure for a problem won’t solve anything unless your people are being managd in the correct way. We help leaders and managers understand why their employees don’t do what they want them to do and what they can do about it. Our services can help companies predict whether processes will work and show them why they aren’t working. We work with senior management teams to introduce a strategy that will drive the right behaviours and create the right environment to deliver results.

How is our product and service different?

Many companies have a lot of bureaucracy, built up over a number of years. They expect people to work effectively and safely because they have written it down or told them to do so. We help leaders and managers bridge the gap between what they expect to happen and what will actually happen; challenging and removing unnecessary processes and improving outputs by focusing on behaviours rather than paperwork. A lot of companies think that the answer to their improvement lies in better procedures however; it is the day to day behaviours that make or break a company, not what is or isn’t written on a bit of paper.

Why should you care?

Your company may be operating ok, it may even be making a profit and have a relatively good performance record but are you getting the best out of your employees, are you making as much as you could, are you as successful as you could operably be? With our help, you can implement systems that actually work, you can create an environment that brings out the best in your people and you can become and stay better than your competitors. We work in association with a number of professionals and academics in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Collectively we have a proven track record of improving performance in many organisations across the globe.

The review provided the senior management of a true insight to the true behaviours of all the project members. Martin Baughurst, Project Director, London Power Tunnels.