Workshop – 19th & 20th September 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland


Apply Behavioural Security to your organisation now!


Thursday 19th & Friday 20th Sept 2019

Limited to 6 Spaces


Advanced Engagement and Sodak join forces to dramatically improve the security of your organisation. By combining behavioural science and cycbersecurity expertise, we accurately identify the hidden behaviours that are leaving your organisation insecure and open to attack. Once identified, we create an environment together, promoting higher standards of secure behaviour from employees, contractors and visitors.


If you want your organisation to remain a step ahead of the next security threat and if you see the increasingly effective and ever-changing threat landscape as an opportunity to learn and grow, then this workshop is for you.

Thursday 19th & Friday 20th September

In the fight against cybercrime, both sides are continually upping their game. As a security leader within your organisation, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you and your team have the knowledge, the tools and the skills to fight cybercrime and be ahead of the curve.

Applying behavioural science to your security will significantly reduce risk.

Over two days, you will learn how Behavioural Science can provide an intelligent and considered method for dealing with human behaviours that can lead to cyber attacks and data breaches. This workshop will give you the tools and the know-how to help you, team leaders and your colleagues apply Behavioural Science to your workplace, utilising this important new tool in our security arsenal.

Keeping up to date with the latest in behavioural research will ensure that your company is equipped with the knowledge to understand the human element of security threats.

We will explore the impact of:

  • The science of human behaviour
  • Why we do what we do
  • Why we don’t do what we should do
  • How to discourage behaviours that we don’t want
  • How we can encourage the behaviours we do want
  • How to relate this to incident investigations
  • How to facilitate a behavioural analysis and design


6 Places
Learn – Thu 19th Sept

  • A background to behavioural and evolutionary science and why they can help us understand behaviours and attitudes to security risks.
  • An introduction to the techniques used to analyse behaviours.
  • An introduction to, and understanding of the paradox of insecure behaviours.
  • An introduction to design thinking and how this can be used to help mitigate cybersecurity threats.
  • The Security Behaviour Toolkit.
  • Scenario analysis

Practice – Friday 20th Sept

  • Analyse case study incidents, identifying situational and cultural causation factors.
  • Predicting behaviours through an environmental assessment.
  • Identify the triggers and reinforcing consequences leading to insecure behaviours.
  • Identify and propose actions to remove or discourage insecure behaviours.
  • Identify and propose actions to promote alternative behaviours.
  • Controlled scenarios


By arrangement

  • One on One coaching to apply the Security Behaviour Toolkit to your own work.
  • Devise a real-life plan to prevent threat occurrence in your organisation.
  • Create a strategy to anchor the Sodak’s Behavioural Analysis Technique’s in your business.
  • Become part of the movement. Supporting techniques to reduce threat impacts in your digital environment.


By seeing cyber and information security through the lens of human nature, you can make big advances in the reduction of threat impact, without major investment.

Attendance on our workshop will give you what you need to analyse and better understand behaviours, to help reduce the impact of the increasingly effective and ever-changing threat landscape.

You’ll also receive your own  Behaviour Security Toolkit (RRP £250) which contains:

  • Exploration Canvas
  • Exploration prompts for understanding existing and future behaviours
  • Exploration tools for designing new behaviours
  • Design tools for ‘nudging’ desired behaviour
  • Record of behavioural assessment book
  • Behavioural Security Analysis Technique book
  • Full slide deck used in course


Bob Cummins

Bob has over 20 years’ behavioural science experience in various sectors. He is the author of Behavioural Science for Business Health and Self and is an advisor to the Cambridge Center for Behavioural Studies in North America.

Graham Watson

Graham is a highly experienced security professional with extensive experience in protecting businesses across many sectors. He founded Advanced Engagement to address the human element in cybersecurity as well as organisational factors blended with real world security experience.


The workshop will be held at our Office at Tribe Porty. 



Thursday 19th &
Friday 20th September 2019


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