Voice is nothing without action

Voice is nothing without action.

Unless you give a voice to your values, they are just meaningless words on some wall, webpage or lifeless policy document.

But you shouldn't stop at just the voice. Voice is nothing without action. You should define your actions that support your voice.

But you shouldn't stop at just defining your actions.

You should identify the enablers and the disablers for your actions.

It is predictable that you will be in situations that discourage your virtuous actions.

It is predictable that you will find yourself in situations that encourage opposing actions.

Actions that are not aligned with your values. (It would be worthwhile to define these too.)

The situation, the context, the time and place is where your action will happen. The forces upon you, at that time, will determine the outcome.

Plan to be in difficult, opposing situations. Prepare by scripting arguments, planning for rebuttals, identifying supporters, enabling adequate time and whatever else makes it more likely you stick to your guns.

To be the person you want to be takes more than penning a few idealistic traits. It takes effort. Not will power. It takes planning and persistence.

Success is more likely if you are create the environment around you, before you get to it. One that supports your Values, your Voice and your Actions.

Success is less likely if you leave it up to chance.