The power of habits

The power of habits

You are creating and cementing habits every day. Every day you are growing stronger at the things you do. Every action, every behaviour literally leads to a thickening of the neural pathways in your brain as it receiver the feedback from your actions. The actions become less thought out, more automatic. You become an expert. You are the expert in everything that you do on a regular basis.

Except, some of the things you are expert in, are perhaps not the best things for future you. Future you might be grateful if you were expert in a few different things, just now.

Currently I am retraining my expertise through the daily repetition of simple behaviours. Behaviours that when repeated many many times, will lead to new neural pathways allowing the old ones to die off. Behaviours that benefit future me more than present me.

To make these daily behaviours more likely to happen, a small group of us have got together and are supporting each other with 3 new activities each day for the month of May. We did the same in the month of March too. We identify the activities we want to do each day, then record them on a sheet, then post them in the group.

Very simple, and for most, very transformative.

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