Rainbows aren’t real

Spoiler alert - Rainbows aren't real.

You and your dog are walking in the field, in the distance you see a rainbow. Beautiful, high definition colours.....

Your dog sees the rainbow too, but to him, with his dichromatic vision, only parts of the rainbow is visible.

The person next to you sees the rainbow, but because their first language is Russian, they see a greater range of 'blues' than you.

Your friend, on the other side of the rainbow, sees no rainbow. There is no rainbow to see.

And there never was a rainbow in the first place, well, not a static, perfect object in space and time that is the same to everyone at the same time.

Our brain creates our realities, our worlds. It interprets and projects. It fills in the gaps where information is missing. It does all this based on all that it has experienced in its life so far.

The reality it gives you is a reality specific to you based on everything you have experienced, it is a different reality from everyone else, as no one has a brain that has been shaped like yours.

There are 7.9 billion versions of human constructed reality on earth at this moment.

There are 8.7 million, discovered, different species on the planet all perceiving their own version of reality.

The next time you assume someone sees or hears the same as you, remember that they have their own version of reality shaped by their story, and their story is different from yours.