Proud Moments

Proud Moments

A summary of thoughts from one of our intrepid learners, from a recent course (uncut and unedited) -

"Everybody is different.

Everybody is the sum of their experiences (and genes).

Our ability to just act or think differently is held in check by the instinctive and automatic behaviours learnt and embedded through our experiences.

Our environment and our ability to process information from it effects our behaviours and actions.

We are part of other's environment.

What we say to others affects their emotions and how they process their environment.

Experiences strengthen or weaken preferences, skills and abilities.

Purposeful exposure to experience can be used to improve management or leadership.

People respond differently to experiences because of their experiences.

This reinforces the benefit of tailoring an approach, specific to the individual, to best effect change in behaviour."

I couldn't have said it better myself!