There is only ever one choice

There is only ever one choice.

There may be many apparent options, but there is only ever one thing, one direction, one choice, chosen.

This apparent 'choice' is less of a choice in the moment, and more an action taken based on the direction trying to be achieved.

The action taken is based on the predicted outcome.

The predicted outcome is based on the short term goal, trying to be achieved, + past understanding (outcomes in similar situations), + available and present components within the local vicinity that either can assist, hinder or influence the predicted outcome.

Choice is not an individual 'thing'. As the individual is acting and reacting to everything else around it, presently and from past understandings.

The path taken is the outcome of many, many variables, some of which were put in place years ago, some of which are only present now. Many of which are unseen to most, especially if you believe you have full, free, agency to make choices.