Managing Change

Managing change.

Many injuries and incidents happen after something changed, a change in task, a change in direction, a change of tool, of method, of people...

It's a good thing to look at: Change!

But it's a hard one.

Hard, becasue we instinctively think we have the answer and can manage change in an that instant, that's if we even notice that something has changed.

Giving permission for this to happen will never be enough to get it to happen.

We can get better at noticing, stopping and reviewing, but only if we are purposefully made to notice, stop and review.

We can do this by periodically stopping (for no reason) and reviewing what we are doing. This is easier done if there is someone else to stop us and make us review what is going on.

This is counter intuitive and to stop, and review. feels awkward, like we are slowing down, like we aren't capable, like we might cause problems...

So it won't happen naturally, it's too wierd!

But with practice and support the strange and alien concept can be made more reinforcing and less punishing.