Is Safety (really) a Priority?

Is Safety (really) the Priority?

Statements like - "Safety is a priority" can be dangerous.

Dangerous because the at risk worker can see right through the false claim.

Actions speak louder than false platitudes.

The message that Safety is a Priority conflicts with the message of whatever todays priority actually is.

And if Safety and Health were truly a priority, there would be unlimited time, money and resource.

Safety should be a value and safety it is a challenge.

It is The Challenge of life.

How can I live successfully with least detrimental impact to my health and safety?

How can we build this in this, whatever it is, on time, for this money, to this specification, safely and with limited impact to health...

That is the challenge.

And one that the at-risk worker would be up for helping you with if only you framed it that way.