I am not the me that was and won’t be the one in the future…

I am not the me that was and won’t be the one in the future....

No behaviour happens in isolation of the situation. Every behaviour is linked, inextricably to the environment in which it occurs.

No person is how they are independently of their experiences.

‘I’ the person you see, the person you may know, is a story. A story that isn’t finished but has been written, at least up until this point.

My character was born, with certain genetic characteristics that were then built upon and developed by the things it experienced.

This character, the one that is writing this will soon die and be replaced by the next version. A version that has been updated from what it has experienced.

This new version will have slightly different neural wiring to the last. It will see the world slightly differently to its predecessor. It may react in a slightly different way to familiar situations or even people.

It will be perfectly designed to act as it does (for now).

It, me, I, am in constant flux. Being ever changed from what I experience. Ever dying and being reborn but appear to the untrained eye as the same.

The illusion of the stable, unchanging self.