Go check…

Go check...

Do you have a daily checklist for something or other?

As part of your processes, you ask someone to complete a checklist, daily, every day, for the same thing they did the day before?

A vehicle checklist
A cleaning checklist
A start of shift checklist
A walkway checklist
A check of checks, checklist

It might have been of use to the person the first or second time, but probably not any more.

And it's probably now, being done separately from any actual checks, if the checks have happened at all.

But probably the check is complete and the audit says everything is ok.

But it's not ok. The first part of it not being ok was the invention of the checklist rather than the attention from one human to another.

Then the checking of the checklist was the biggest mistake ever made.

Why? Because that tells everyone what's important. Now people understand that a completed checklist is really important. And that is then what you get.

No actual checking behaviour, because you didn't pay attention to that, one human to another.

Go check.