Documents vs Environment

Documents vs Environment

Method statements, Risk assessments, Safe Systems of work, if done correctly, as good as they can be, are at best and only, planning documents.

They are not behaviour driving documents.

They should help to drive behaviour, but only by helping to get the right things in place, to be in place, at the time the work needs to be done.

The MS, RA, SSOW, is a record of what you will do and what you need to do the task, hopefully as safely as possible.

But you still need a set up that drives the behaviours at the time the behaviours are needed.

This can only be the things in the vicinity of the worker, at the time the workers behaviours occur.

All behaviour happens at the point the person interfaces with the local environment.

All, no exception, always.

Both experience, expectation and environment must to align for the behaviour to happen.