Workshop - 4th & 5th November 2019
Coaching - 6th November 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland


Apply Behavioural Science to your Assurance and Verification process now!


Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th November 2019

14 spaces only


Wednesday 6th November 2019

8 spaces only

SODAK meets Anturas

We’re proud to team up with Micro-Business of the Year 2019, Anturas Consulting. A programme, project and construction management consultancy practice based in Edinburgh who provide quality assurance focused advice to public and private sector clients on all aspects of programme and project delivery from inception through to operations.

Anturas specialise in complex infrastructure projects, deep business transformation services and dedicated leadership support to businesses.


Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th November 2019

14 Delegates

It’s pointless taking all that time and effort to design and build something amazing, then get to the end and find out you don’t have the records to prove it was constructed to the right standards and regulations. Assurance and Verification thereof, is a critical component of project management and project delivery.

How familiar is this? during the building and construction phase you’ve invested time producing documents and method statements only to find that no one is following them.

Rectifying mistakes or finding yourself unable to handover a project because you lack the proof that it was built correctly leads to at the least massive financial costs and at worst, the reluctant acceptance of a building or system that might not be fit for purpose.

SODAK have teamed up with Assurance and Verification specialists Anturas to bring you a bespoke workshop, exploring the application of behavioural science to Assurance.

During the 2 day workshop, we will take you through a number of common assurance problem scenarios and using our behaviour design toolkit you will be able to identify the reasons for the problem behaviour and design in obstacles to prevent it from reoccurring. We will then show you how to design an environment to make the desired behaviour more likely in the future.

We’ll be exploring:

  • The science of human behaviour
  • Why we do what we do
  • Why we don’t do what we should do
  • How to discourage behaviours that we don’t want
  • How we can encourage the behaviours we do want
  • How to relate this to assurance and verification
  • How to facilitate a behavioural analysis and design

This workshop will be held at the Edinburgh’s Surgeon Quarter, Royal College of Surgeons.


Wednesday 6th November 2019

8 Delegates only

Utilising the Behavioural Science tools and techniques you’ve learned in the two-day workshop, we will work closely with you to design a Behavioural Assurance and Verification implementation plan for your business.

If you intend to attend this day, you will need to bring with you examples of any big issue facing your organisation, and as much data and information as possible.

Because this is a more hands-on day, space is limited to 8 people.


For people who are looking to learn about the power of applied behavioural science to your business.

Like assurance, this workshop is applicable to all levels of an organisation and is specifically designed to provide the tools for workers in all departments and of any grade.

We know that you know there are improvements waiting to be made in the industry and its important that you have the influence and ability to affect change in their environment.

If your organisation is looking to complete projects successfully, safely, with fewer delays, and less overspend, then this workshop is for you.


2 DAY WORKSHOP – £429 per day (+VAT)

14 Places


Learn – Monday 4th November

  • A background to behavioural and evolutionary science and why they can help us understand behaviours and attitudes to assurance and verification risks.
  • An introduction to the techniques used to analyse behaviours.
  • An introduction to, and understanding of the paradox of at-risk behaviours.
  • An introduction to design thinking and how this can be used to help improve assurance.
  • The Behaviour Design Toolkit, Assurance Edition.
  • Scenario analysis


Practice - Tuesday 5th November

  • Analyse case study assurance issues, identifying situational and cultural causation factors.
  • Predicting behaviours through an environmental assessment.
  • Identify the triggers and reinforcing consequences leading to undesired behaviours.
  • Identify and propose actions to remove or discourage undesired behaviours.
  • Identify and propose actions to promote desired behaviours.

+1 DAY COACHING – £695 (+VAT)

8 Places

Apply – Wednesday 6th November

  • One on One coaching to apply the Behaviour Design Toolkit to your own work.
  • Devise a real-life plan to implement behaviour design in your organisation.
  • Create a strategy to anchor the Sodak’s Behavioural Analysis Technique’s in your business.
  • Become part of the movement. Supporting techniques to reduce threat impacts in your digital environment.


By seeing assurance and verification through the lens of human nature, you can make big advances in the reduction of non-conformance’s and delays.

Attendance on our workshop will gift you the tools and techniques to analyse and better understand behaviours, to help reduce the impact of poor workmanship and handover delays.


You’ll also receive your own Behaviour Design Toolkit (RRP £250) which contains:

  • Exploration tools for understanding situational attributes
  • Journey map and situation cartography tool
  • Context and environmental component mapping tool
  • Design tools for ‘nudging’ desired behaviour
  • A Facilitation guide
  • Behavioural assurance and verification Technique book
  • Full slide deck used in course

Supported application of the techniques to your workplace and the development of a risk mitigation plan. (Coaching day only)


Bob Cummins

Bob has over 20 years’ behavioural science experience in various sectors. He is the author of Behavioural Science for Business Health and Self and is an advisor to the Cambridge Center for Behavioural Studies in North America.

Sheena Smith

Sheena is a Chartered Quality Professional with over 20 years’ experience as a contractor, client and consultant in various sectors including transportation, construction, waste, utilities, and food.


Opened in 2006, this beautiful modern building sits adjacent to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Built with a combination of stonework, granite and steel it has an impressive exterior.  The audio visual specification in this building is of a very high standard making it a great place to learn and workshop.


WORKSHOP £429 per day (+VAT)

Monday 4th &
Tuesday 5th November 2019


Wednesday 6th November 2019
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